Legal Costs

The costs associated with protecting or pursuing your legal rights are often a cause of concern for clients.

We at Nightingale Johnston ensure that our clients are aware of the costs associated with their matters, and we are determined to ensure that there is no confusion about why or where costs arise. We aim to be 100% transparent, as we know that our clients are often already trying to deal with the stress of their matter.

As the lawyers of Nightingale Johnston have extensive experience, it also means that we work better and faster than other law firms, which translates to less costs for our clients.

Free Initial 30 Minute Consultation

Your first meeting with one of our experienced lawyers is free of charge. The meeting will enable us to provide some preliminary advice, as well as providing you, the client, with a chance to get to know your new lawyer.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid Queensland (“LAQ”) provides assistance to eligible persons for their legal matters.  To receive this assistance LAQ will assess your application.  Generally, when deciding if they will assist you, they will look at the circumstances of your matter (and its merits) as well as your financial circumstances.

We are a Legal Aid Queensland preferred supplier, which means that we can do legal work where LAQ has approved a grant of legal aid to you for your legal matter. We can also assist you in making your application.

Fixed Fees

For clients who are not eligible for Legal Aid funding (often due to not meeting their means and/or merit criteria), Nightingale Johnston offers fixed fees for a range of matters including most criminal law and traffic law cases, and domestic violence order applications.

If a matter doesn’t fit into a fixed-fee category, we will provide a cost estimate based on the nature of the matter and the complexity of (and therefore work involved in) the case. Again, transparency is our policy.

Servicing South East Queensland

Free Initial Consultation and Fixed Fees on Most Matters